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Infinite Recharge at Home: The Skills Challenge

skills challenge

Instead of in-person competitions, teams this year will be participating in Infinite Recharge at Home which consists of a video interview with select team members, and the Skills Competition which consists of five challenges for the team to compete in. Teams will showcase their robots by taking pictures and filming them completing the different challenges and submitting them by the deadline. Teams can also present their robot over the online interview with judges by going over the design process and what the robot is meant to do.
The field will be marked with markers called Nav Points that help locate specific spots for specific challenges. These challenges include the Galactic Search Challenge, the AutoNav Challenge, the Hyperdrive Challenge, the Interstellar Accuracy Challenge, and the Power Port Challenge.
The Galactic Search Challenge is meant to emulate the Autonomous Period of Infinite Recharge where robots must try to gather power cells as quickly as possible on one of the two paths which will be randomly decided. The AutoNav Challenges calls for teams to program their robots to three paths autonomously. These include the Barrel Racing Path, the Slalom Path, and the Bounce Path have different characteristics that present different challenges (curves, sharp turns, loops, making contact with markers, etc.). The goal is to reach the End Zone from the Start Zone as fast as possible. Similarly, the Hyperdrive Challenge has four paths which are the three paths from the AutoNav Challenge plus the Lightspeed Circuit Path only the robot must be manually driven. The Interstellar Accuracy Challenge represents the element of shooting power cells into power ports from Infinite Recharge in which robots must shoot three power cells into one of the ports (bottom: 1 point, outer: 2 points, inner: 3 points) from each of the four zones, within a five-minute time frame, with no more than fifteen power cell shots. Lastly, the Power Port Challenge calls for robots to get as many points from shooting power cells into ports in one minute, whether autonomously or remotely from the allotted Challenge Space.
The MOE Skills Challenge team is currently working in the lab to make adjustments to the MOEllinnium Falcon so that it can be better equipped to tackle the new set of challenges!

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Innovation Challenge

IMG_6620 2
The unique season of FIRST for the 2021 season provides teams with several competing options since in person meetings are in question around the World. One of those options is to compete in the Innovation Design project, presented by Qualcom as related to the theme FIRST GAME CHANGERS powered by Star Wars: Force for Change. This project gives the team an opportunity to develop real world innovation challenges to test problem solving skills while potentially making a community impact. This particular challenge is asking teams to specifically design a solution, build a business model and deliver a pitch in competition with other FIRST Robotics Competition teams; to earn 1 of 20 finalist spots to be invited to the FIRST Global Innovation Awards.
The societal problem that FIRST would like each team to address is to help people, or a community of people keep, regain, or achieve optimum physical and/or mental health through active play or movement. The Miracle Workerz has ten members on the Innovation Challenge subteam, who are brainstorming ideas and narrowing down their eight current proposed ideas to the one that they will develop and present for competition. The subteam has also had the opportunity to meet virtually with to discuss the practicality of their ideas and discuss the marketability of their innovation solutions.
The Innovation Challenge is teaching our students how to engineer solutions to real world problems, giving them experience in collaboration, providing them the opportunity to design a business model and to refining their presentation skills. These members meet regularly in a remote setting to process ideas, prototype their solution and work on their presentation.

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2020 – 2021 FTC Challenge: Ultimate Goal

FTC Ultimate Goal Thumbnail

Another challenge our MOE team chose to participate in for our unusual new season is the First Tech Challenge: Ultimate Goal. The game’s point is to maneuver a contraption known as a wobble goal and shoot plastic rings into goals or power shots. Our team, named ReMOEte, has met several times and follows a schedule of safe in-person and fun virtual meets every Tuesday and Saturday. They have also collaborated with the MOE FTC team and practiced gracious professionalism along the way. ReMOEte has built a prototype shooter and a moving robot base – run by GitHub programming. One major issue the team faced early on was a lack of powerful batteries for consistent shooting, but teamwork and perseverance led to that problem fading away. Through each meeting, ReMOEte members have grown in skill and have gained excellent experiences that they’re sure to remember. Revisit MOENow for future updates on ReMOEte and their work!

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Infinite Recharge At Home: Game Design Challenge

Season 2021 has presented some unique opportunities for the Miracle Workerz this season since in-person competitions are in question. The team decided to pursue several of these challenges, one of which is game design. Using a combination of Slack and Zoom and the power of the imagination, this smaller sub-group is using brain storming techniques combined with a game design template to work up a proposal to the FIRST judges. The sub-team first worked on coming up with storylines, game components, tasks or a complete game concept based on their own individual ideas. As they continue to meet, they’ll narrow down the options to one storyline and put together a completed game design concept presentation for the judges. The competition will initially be a group of up to 30 other teams randomly chosen internationally and move up if selected. Look to MOENow for more information as the team progresses this process!

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MOE Takes a Medal at MAR Hatboro-Horsham District Event

The Miracle Workerz participated in the Mid-Atlantic Regional District Event at Hatboro-Horsham High School over the weekend of February 29, 2020. At the end of the qualifying matches, the team was ranked first seed and invited Peddie Robotics and Miss Daisy to be their alliance partners. Losing only one match during the elimination matches, MOEllennium Falcon finished strong as the alliance won the event.


In addition, the Miracle Workerz continued the tradition of handing out their own awards in the pits on the morning of Day 2.  The Media team in conjunction with Joe Perrotto and Brian West designed unique medallions and a creative mechanical student created the display.  The awards were presented to the winning teams along with a MOE cheer.


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The Miracle Workerz Participate in “Engineering Your Tomorrow”

On Saturday February 22, 2020, the Miracle Workerz participated in an annual event, “Engineering Your Tomorrow” at Conrad School of Science in Wilmington, DE. The Miracle Workerz have participated in this event for close to 20 years and have enjoyed being a part of encouraging more young girls to go into STEM careers. This year, our safety mentor, Berlin Stokes was also an organizer for the event and her son, Randy, who is a MOE student volunteered for the event. The team brought CaMOElot so that the students could see first hand the work that our team does. The Miracle Workerz continue to provide outreach opportunities to spread the word of FIRST. GO MOE!

DSC_0072 DSC_0179


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MOE at the Hagley Museum

On Saturday, January 25th, the team had a great time participating in STEMtastic Weekends at the Hagley Museum! We had a demonstration featuring our robots, including CaMOElot. Visitors had the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the robots, see the robots in action, and draw their own robots. We also debuted our updated coloring books, which promote engineering to children in the form of fun activities.
The Red Clay School District Superintendent, Mr. Dorrell Green, took time out of his busy schedule to stop by and visit the team’s demonstration.
Thank you to Hagley Museum and to everyone who came by to see our demonstration.

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Duel on the Delaware Recap

Duel On The Delaware took place on October 19th, 2019. Here are the highlights from the event:

The Duel On The Delaware Snapchat filter was viewed over 1,500 times! We also had an all new competition team, and our team was the first pick of the #3 alliance.

IMG_2477Miss Delaware (Hillary May) was present, announced a match, and presented the book drive awards. We had a successful book drive, participation from 30 teams from five states, and 110+ volunteers! Additionally, we had five teams participate in the mock chairman’s award – a record amount! Congratulations to the Duel Master Volunteer Winner – Kevin McKay!

Last, but not least, one highlight from this event was the Woodie Flowers tribute. Rest In Peace, Woodie!

Thank you to everyone who helped make Duel on the Delaware a success!


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Highlights from Westtown District Competition 2019

Enjoy some highlights from the Westtown District Competition 2019!

Other great videos on our YouTube Channel!

Westtown District Competition Video

Use the link or click on the photo!
Use the link or click on the photo!

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Duel on the Delaware 2018

The duel on Delaware was an off season fall event where most new and old MOE members participated in. MOE was the host of the event along with our sister group team 316 “LunaTECHS”. It was a long busy day from the practice rounds all the way through the qualifying rounds. Although it was a packed day, the energy never faded in all teams. There were several dance breaks and friendly bonding with fellow teams. MOE 365 was praised for our high spirits though we had a lot on our shoulders. In the end we reached the finals and were able to place in 5th, go MOE!

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