Infinite Recharge At Home: Game Design Challenge

Season 2021 has presented some unique opportunities for the Miracle Workerz this season since in-person competitions are in question. The team decided to pursue several of these challenges, one of which is game design. Using a combination of Slack and Zoom and the power of the imagination, this smaller sub-group is using brain storming techniques combined with a game design template to work up a proposal to the FIRST judges. The sub-team first worked on coming up with storylines, game components, tasks or a complete game concept based on their own individual ideas. As they continue to meet, they’ll narrow down the options to one storyline and put together a completed game design concept presentation for the judges. The competition will initially be a group of up to 30 other teams randomly chosen internationally and move up if selected. Look to MOENow for more information as the team progresses this process!

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