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Watch the MOE Safety Animation 2016!

The MOE Safety Animation was submitted to FIRST this week for consideration. We hope you like it!


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MOE animation bts 2

Behind the Scenes of the MOE Safety Animation

The MOE Media Team, with the help of Safety Mentor Pam Rife, CAD mentor Ken Annan and student programmer Shane Q, have been busy creating an animated video for the 2016 FIRST Safety Animation competition.

MOE animation bts 1
Bella, Laura, Shane and Ken work on editing.

This project has been a real team effort, from the first brainstorming session, through the storyboarding, script creation, character and background design, voiceover, music, and editing. “We’re proud of our students,” says Media mentor Laura Donahue. “The animation is really clever and creative.”

MOE animation bts 2
Arynn narrates.

The 40-second video features the MOE Safety Bug, designed and animated by Shane Q, the Robot, designed by Bella T, and a Medieval background, also designed by Bella. Arynn H. narrates. The video also includes original music by John Quinn.

animation bts 3
Sneak Peek!

MOE will be submitting the animation for consideration this month. The winning animation will be played at official FRC events this season. GO MOE!


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MOE Mentor Brian West at the Global Kickoff Event

Our own Brian West attended the 2016 FIRST Global Kickoff event in Manchester, New Hampshire — check out this interview from the evening before the big game reveal!

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Check out the MAR Kickoff Video

Featuring our own Arynn! You can’t miss her in her MOE green!


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MOE Represented in MAR Kickoff Video

On Monday, December 28th, our own Arynn H. traveled to Hatboro-Horsham High School in Horsham, PA to slip some MOE green into the Kickoff Video for Mid-Atlantic Robotics.

“It was a lot of fun to meet the other teams and a cool experience to be in a professional looking studio,” Arynn says. “When I got there, I was pretty nervous but Mrs. Carol introduced me to the other teams. I was the only one from a Delaware team there [and the only rookie], so everyone was new to me.

“Thirteen different teams were represented. Once in the booth I read off the teleprompter and at the end told one funny rule for new members to beware. First they had to make sure the shirt and feathers wouldn’t be registered as the green screen. Can’t wait to see them all at the competition, and thanks to the Hatboro-Horsham school for hosting!”

kickoff video
Arynn gets her close-up

Filming the Kickoff video is becoming a growing tradition — more students are predicted to participate next year.

The video will be shown at all three MAR Kickoff events on January 9.

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