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Celebrate Summer with Us!

MOE will be at the Ice Cream Festival this weekend, with MOE FRC on Saturday with CaMOElot and MOE FTC on Sunday. We will be selling raffle tickets for the Horsey Youth Foundation car this year. We will be handing out flyers looking for students, mentors, and donations. We got lots of wonderful volunteers to come out and spread the word!



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CaMOElot in Delcastle Field Day

Today MOE seniors volunteered to do a deMOE at their school on field day. Here CaMOElet dunks Delcastle’s principal into the dunk tank! What a great sport!

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Teaming Up With Go Baby Go!

MOE has teamed up with a project taking old toy cars and remodeling them to fit challenged kids’ needs. To make the car move, they must perform exercises that help them strengthen areas they need help with, making physical therapy fun! MOE will be working with Go Baby Go coming up with designs, improvements in structure and wiring, and connecting them with other FIRST teams. To watch our own Joe Perrotto in a news broadcast covering the event, check it out here ->


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