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Thank You to Our 2020-2021 Sponsors!

The 2020-2021 Miracle Workerz would like to thank our sponsors for their generosity this year.  Without their support, we would not have been able to make the MOE@Home a great opportunity for our new and returning students.  This year was difficult for many.  These companies recognized the value of supporting this opportunity for future STEAM student through this pandemic.  We welcome them as returning sponsors next year and invite potential sponsors to inquire about how you might help!  Feel free to contact us!  

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Game Design Team Update

gold rush
The Game Design team has been meeting every week to brainstorm and incorporate some of the best ideas into a polished and finished game. Having discussed themes from chess, to elements, to football and of course, a “water game,” the team is finalizing the finer details in the proposed game. The game’s game pieces, endgame, teleoperated period, and autonomous period have all been fleshed out to fit our “Gold Rush” theme while incorporating the chain element and a Coorportition aspect; for example, the Mine, Fool’s Gold, Sluice, etc. The field and game pieces and images of robots interacting with field elements have been rendered in 3D that allows for a visual representation of the game and placement of game components. Additionally, animations are being made to showcase gameplay in action and how the field elements will move and interact. Team members are researching to immerse themselves in the theme of gold mining while a scoring guide and presentation are being drafted and edited in preparation for the upcoming interview with the judges. Student presenters are practicing answering interview questions and covering important talking points. We are nervous and excited to present the final game product that we have been working on!

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Innovation Design Challenge Season Update

Subteam members participating in the Innovation Design Challenge have been incredibly hard at work this season. The Innovation Design Challenge asks that teams identify a problem or opportunity and design a solution to help people (or a community of people) keep, regain, or achieve optimum physical and/or mental health and fitness through active play or movement. This particular challenge has been embraced by our team members, sparked creative discussions, led to innovative thinking and has provided opportunities to meet with professionals to gain insight and build business plans as the team addresses this challenge.
After a multitude of brainstorming sessions the Miracle Workerz decided to address this challenge by using augmented reality in order to create a specialized game aimed at engaging individuals who are wheelchair bound. The sub team hopes that their specific plan will increase movement, as well as mental health and fitness by partnering with non disabled individuals.
More detailed information will be shared once the judging phase of this challenge concludes. The team has been persistent in developing a result that meets this challenge and will be of the utmost benefit to the community.

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The ReMOEte FTC Journey


Our First Tech Challenge team (named ReMOEte) has been building and busy. As of right now, the FTC competition – which has been decided to be held in-person – is in two months. So, how has ReMOEte been preparing? Well, they’ve combined all of their skills to create numerous prototypes of what they want their final product to be. They have a functioning shooter, collector, and arm up and ready, along with many needs met regarding programming. The shooter and collector deal with rings in the FTC game, and the arm deals with a contraption called a Wobble Goal. A few issues the team is tackling right now are designing a grabber for the robot’s arm and figuring out the orientation of everything. Overall, this season has brought not only challenges but also fun, new hands-on experiences. Revisit MOENow for future updates on ReMOEte and their work!

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