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Wrapping Up The FTC Season

On May 1st, our First Tech Challenge team (ReMOEte) competed in virtual judging sessions. They did well, celebrating their accomplishment of being on an FRC team and an FTC team this year. On May 8th, the in-person First Tech Challenge state competition took place. ReMOEte got to watch their hard work pay off through matches and the award ceremony. Their robot, MOEderna, played quite well, allowing the rookie team to rank first (momentarily). It was refreshing for team members to do an in-person MOE cheer, and ReMOEte got other teams to join in as well. At the end of the long day, the team’s efforts were gifted with a number of awards. One of these awards was the Promote Award, commemorating a 60-second video that answered the question, “What makes FTC work?” One of our team members learned how to use video-editing software, and in just one week, managed to create the winning video. All in all, this year of the Miracle Workerz functioning through a pandemic produced the ReMOEte team – a hard-working, fun-loving, and persevering team. Going forward, they’ve decided to be on the lookout for off-season FTC events and to cherish this great season. Go MOE!

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The ReMOEte FTC Journey


Our First Tech Challenge team (named ReMOEte) has been building and busy. As of right now, the FTC competition – which has been decided to be held in-person – is in two months. So, how has ReMOEte been preparing? Well, they’ve combined all of their skills to create numerous prototypes of what they want their final product to be. They have a functioning shooter, collector, and arm up and ready, along with many needs met regarding programming. The shooter and collector deal with rings in the FTC game, and the arm deals with a contraption called a Wobble Goal. A few issues the team is tackling right now are designing a grabber for the robot’s arm and figuring out the orientation of everything. Overall, this season has brought not only challenges but also fun, new hands-on experiences. Revisit MOENow for future updates on ReMOEte and their work!

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2020 – 2021 FTC Challenge: Ultimate Goal

FTC Ultimate Goal Thumbnail

Another challenge our MOE team chose to participate in for our unusual new season is the First Tech Challenge: Ultimate Goal. The game’s point is to maneuver a contraption known as a wobble goal and shoot plastic rings into goals or power shots. Our team, named ReMOEte, has met several times and follows a schedule of safe in-person and fun virtual meets every Tuesday and Saturday. They have also collaborated with the MOE FTC team and practiced gracious professionalism along the way. ReMOEte has built a prototype shooter and a moving robot base – run by GitHub programming. One major issue the team faced early on was a lack of powerful batteries for consistent shooting, but teamwork and perseverance led to that problem fading away. Through each meeting, ReMOEte members have grown in skill and have gained excellent experiences that they’re sure to remember. Revisit MOENow for future updates on ReMOEte and their work!

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