Wrapping Up The FTC Season

On May 1st, our First Tech Challenge team (ReMOEte) competed in virtual judging sessions. They did well, celebrating their accomplishment of being on an FRC team and an FTC team this year. On May 8th, the in-person First Tech Challenge state competition took place. ReMOEte got to watch their hard work pay off through matches and the award ceremony. Their robot, MOEderna, played quite well, allowing the rookie team to rank first (momentarily). It was refreshing for team members to do an in-person MOE cheer, and ReMOEte got other teams to join in as well. At the end of the long day, the team’s efforts were gifted with a number of awards. One of these awards was the Promote Award, commemorating a 60-second video that answered the question, “What makes FTC work?” One of our team members learned how to use video-editing software, and in just one week, managed to create the winning video. All in all, this year of the Miracle Workerz functioning through a pandemic produced the ReMOEte team – a hard-working, fun-loving, and persevering team. Going forward, they’ve decided to be on the lookout for off-season FTC events and to cherish this great season. Go MOE!

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