Off Season Events

Duel On the Delaware
On Saturday October 16th MOE co-hosted “Duel on the Delaware ” with FRC team 316 the Lunatecs at Salem County Community College. Everyone had fun and it was a great atmosphere for all the new people competing and getting the feel for how FIRST events work. This was the first in-person event since March of 2020. Overall MOE ranked 3rd after the qualifying round. We competed in the championship match but sadly lost two matches to one.

Ramp Riot
On Saturday October 31st MOE 365 went to Ramp Riot at Wissahickon High School. Where the team excelled through the qualifying rounds. We placed 6th place after completing the qualifying rounds and competed in a 4 alliance round robin in the playoffs. We were in the fourth alliance with teams 341(Miss Daisy) and 708(Hatters). We made it to the finals but were shut-out after two matches. Despite being finalists, it was a great learning experience as we quickly head into build season this January.

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