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MOE Heading to Deep Space

MOE was watching the live stream during Saturday’s Kickoff Video where we found out the how the entire field will look for Destination: Deep Space and all of the rules. After the live stream was over, we all discussed how this game could go, what to think about while designing the robot, all specifications in the game manual and many other things. Many students have smart ideas including ways to climb onto the third level, different ways to use the sandstorm period to our advantage, etc.

We cannot wait to see how everything plays out in our first competition in Westtown and all the competitions that follow.

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2018 Kick-Offs

P1000647_editedThe 2018 game for this year, FIRST POWER UP, has just been announced and the entire team is excited and ready for the build season.

P1000637_editedEveryone was more than prepared to open this year’s game manual and was waiting for it to be announced; having to see all the different rules and the different functions for it will be important to us all. Although it can be tiring, it’s always necessary to go in. The live broadcast revealing the new game and field for this year was something we all loved to watch, especially with the bit of laughter here and there. P1000663_editedAlthough it will be a difficult one to build this year (just like any other year), our team is determined to do our best to make it work and build a great robot. We can’t wait for all the competitions and to get on that new field!

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MOE Mentor Brian West at the Global Kickoff Event

Our own Brian West attended the 2016 FIRST Global Kickoff event in Manchester, New Hampshire — check out this interview from the evening before the big game reveal!

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Check out the MAR Kickoff Video

Featuring our own Arynn! You can’t miss her in her MOE green!


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MOE Represented in MAR Kickoff Video

On Monday, December 28th, our own Arynn H. traveled to Hatboro-Horsham High School in Horsham, PA to slip some MOE green into the Kickoff Video for Mid-Atlantic Robotics.

“It was a lot of fun to meet the other teams and a cool experience to be in a professional looking studio,” Arynn says. “When I got there, I was pretty nervous but Mrs. Carol introduced me to the other teams. I was the only one from a Delaware team there [and the only rookie], so everyone was new to me.

“Thirteen different teams were represented. Once in the booth I read off the teleprompter and at the end told one funny rule for new members to beware. First they had to make sure the shirt and feathers wouldn’t be registered as the green screen. Can’t wait to see them all at the competition, and thanks to the Hatboro-Horsham school for hosting!”

kickoff video
Arynn gets her close-up

Filming the Kickoff video is becoming a growing tradition — more students are predicted to participate next year.

The video will be shown at all three MAR Kickoff events on January 9.

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