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MOE at Detroit World Champs!

MOE was placed in the Darwin division at the Detroit World Champs as well as MAR team’s 56 (R.O.B.B.E.) and 1391 (Metal Moose).  R.O.B.B.E. asked us to be in their #1 alliance as well as Metal Moose and 4028, The Beak Squad. Although we may not have been victorious, we did end up being division finalist! Great job to all the teams who made it to Worlds! Get ready for Destination: Deep Space 2019!20180428_122815

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Throw Back to MOE @ Roboprom


Throw back to MOE students attending Roboprom 2016 hosted by team 399! Simply stunning.

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MOE Finishes Stronghold Strong


This Sunday, MOE returned from the World Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. Everyone there did a fantastic job, our unbelievable drivers that got us to the second round of quarterfinals, the hard working scouting team in the stands, our charming judge ambassadors and our safety captain who made an appearance in the mascot parade as Safety Bug. The team had made it through qualifying rounds in 3rd place and joined teams 870 and 1124, we lost the first round due to a miscall and left after the second round. We are so proud of everyone on MOE who helped us get here and then the members who came to support us all the way to the end! Shout out to the students who came to Monday’s meeting as well to unload and pack away the trucks. We will dearly miss our lead CAD mentor Aaron Jackson who parted ways to start a team in New Mexico, adios amigo. Thank you everyone for making this a truly memorable season 2016. Remember to sign up for student council, pick up your Hall of Fame pins and plan to attend the End of the Year Picnic. GO MOE!

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World Championships Are Tomorrow


Countdown till Worlds: TOMORROW! Make sure to bring your spirit to cheer your team to victory! Have fun and be safe, everyone! GO MOE!

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Two More Days Until Worlds!


Countdown to St. Louis: 2 MORE DAYS!!! Make sure to stop by MOE’s pit and pick up cool Team 365 buttons! GO MOE!

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3 More Days Until World Championships!


Countdown to St. Louis: 3 more days! All of MOE’s and the other teams’ that we are helping out materials have been loaded into the truck and are making their way to Missouri thanks to mentor Bob Dudek! Time for the suitcases! GO MOE!

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4 More Days Until Worlds!


Countdown to St. Louis: 4 more days! Stoked to be a part of the Galileo alliance again this year! Can’t wait to rack up points with these great teams! GO MOE!

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7 More Days Until Worlds!


The countdown begins as championships in St. Louis sneaks closer! The teams have a week to rush and get the robot ready for the ultimate test. Good luck everyone and GO MOE!

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