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MOE at the Delaware Children’s Museum


On Saturday, we had some great volunteers visit the executive of the DCM, our partners. We have been working with them for the past two years and discussed what we could do to make STEM even more exciting. Very exciting things are going to happen next season! Definitely recommend checking the museum out.

Pictured: Haley’s robot

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Throw Back to MOE @ Roboprom


Throw back to MOE students attending Roboprom 2016 hosted by team 399! Simply stunning.

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World Championships Are Tomorrow


Countdown till Worlds: TOMORROW! Make sure to bring your spirit to cheer your team to victory! Have fun and be safe, everyone! GO MOE!

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7 More Days Until Worlds!


The countdown begins as championships in St. Louis sneaks closer! The teams have a week to rush and get the robot ready for the ultimate test. Good luck everyone and GO MOE!

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MOE is Back Home

While in Lehigh, MOE 365 ended with a 7-5 record, though we played with vigor. MOE was fortunate to collaborate with team 2590 – Nemesis as the 8th alliance captain and the second pick 1219 – Vulcan Robotics. Together we challenged the #1 alliance three times during the quarterfinals before we lost. We had many restarted matches and our arm was giving us trouble, but we did not let that shake our confidence. We kept the scores close for match one, set a high score (at the time) in match 2 of 192 points, but the challenges of the Stronghold game can be difficult for even the best robots. We certainly didn’t return empty handed! MOE received a Xerox Creativity Award for our scaling mechanism, Carol Perrotto was recognized with the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award for outstanding mentor, and Josh Gross was recognized as one of four finalists from the MAR District to compete for the top student “Dean’s List” Awards at the World Championship. Also, we got a big THANK YOU award from Team 4342, Demon Robotics from Kennett Square, for sharing/teaching our scoring strategy. We also unveiled our MOE-jan Rabbit cart and robot cozy and got lots of attention. Shoutout to Brian West!


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