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Engineering Your Tomorrow

engineering your tomorrow

On Saturday, our girls went to Conrad High School for Engineering Your Tomorrow, an event that inspires girls to go into STEM fields. They guided the young girls to try out  hands on driving of ToMOEhawk.

“We went to encourage the girl scouts to go into robotics and that girls can do anything guys can do”, says Julia Larock.

We are very proud of our team volunteers for raising awareness on creating more job equality in STEM fields, MOE, and FIRST.

Read more about it on DelawareOnline

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It’s in the bag!

Spoiler alert: it’s green.


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T-Minus 1 Day Till Bag!


Now it’s really crunch time O.o Everyone is working real hard.

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T-Minus 2 Days Till Bag!

Time is running out! No time for a fruit salad party!Untitled design (1)

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T-Minus 3 Days Till Bag!

No sleep till Bag!

Untitled design

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T-Minus 4 Days Till Bag!

No Fridays off during crunch time!

Untitled design (1)

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T-Minus 5 Days Till Bag!

Untitled design

Team is working hard to meet the deadline. GO MOE!

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T-Minus 6 days till Bag!

It’s Crunch Time! MOE is working overtime to get the MOEbot ready for bagging on Tuesday the 23rd! The ‘bot looks… well, we can’t tell you, but you’ll see soon enough!

Programmers working in the lab

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I got the powa!

A word of advice: This  is the power distribution board we have used for several years now, designed by the MOE CAD team. It is an efficient way to get power across the robot because it is the smallest size that can still fully function. We would like to help out teams find a reliable way to maximize their space on the robot. Good luck!


Shoutout to our CAD team!

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Coming Soon: Safety Bug Weekly Comic!


Untitled design

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