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MOE at Seneca!

MOE was able to compete in Seneca this past weekend on Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24. We were much more prepared this time around thanks to our hardworking students! Our pit crew was outstanding when times got tough but our team in the stands kept cheering us on through it all. Our drivers and lead strategist did an amazing job on the field this weekend as well! Everyone on the team has done some self-improvement in one way or another that help out everyone on the team. We’re so proud of Alex and Michaela, our driver and function operator, who are always looking at what they can do on the field and getting out of hazardous situations. And a huge thanks to Tatiana, lead strategist, for always getting with alliance partners and talking up a storm full of strategy. As always, we have our MOEwards! Congrats to 1807 Redbird Robotics for earning the Sandstorm Survivor award, 2729 Storm Robotics, for earning Best Pit, 484 RoboForce for earning Best Spirit, 219 Team Impact for earning the Out of The Box Thinking award, and last but not least, 6327 Tin Soldiers for earning the Creative Design award. Congrats to you all! We also decided to bring back the Personal Recognition Buttons! We started this back in 2008 but decided to bring it back for its 8th year. 2 of our students receive 2 personal recognition buttons each for helping out 5490 on both Saturday and Sunday. We’d really love to see you with your Personal Recognition Button if you have them. Submit it to us through any of our Social media outlets! By the end of the day, we had 5 awards. 272 Cyber Crusaders gave us the award “Three in a MOE” due to our random trifecta. We also got the Unicorn award from 75 RoboRaiders for being the first team to get 4 ranking points (aka Unicorn). We also got a Personal Recognition Button from a team to the entire MOE team! They were all thankful for always helping them when they needed it. Thank you all for the awards.

We also won the Autonomous award thanks to our awesome program team with all their hard work and the Semi-Finalist Award thanks to our lead strategist and robot drivers.

We hope to see you at Lehigh next week, and good luck to anyone who still has competitions!

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Checking out competition @ Hatboro Horsham High

The Comp Team and our strategists went to the MAR Competition last Sunday to prepare for Seneca and gained insight into scoring, strategy, and gameplay.

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MOE Represented in MAR Kickoff Video

On Monday, December 28th, our own Arynn H. traveled to Hatboro-Horsham High School in Horsham, PA to slip some MOE green into the Kickoff Video for Mid-Atlantic Robotics.

“It was a lot of fun to meet the other teams and a cool experience to be in a professional looking studio,” Arynn says. “When I got there, I was pretty nervous but Mrs. Carol introduced me to the other teams. I was the only one from a Delaware team there [and the only rookie], so everyone was new to me.

“Thirteen different teams were represented. Once in the booth I read off the teleprompter and at the end told one funny rule for new members to beware. First they had to make sure the shirt and feathers wouldn’t be registered as the green screen. Can’t wait to see them all at the competition, and thanks to the Hatboro-Horsham school for hosting!”

kickoff video
Arynn gets her close-up

Filming the Kickoff video is becoming a growing tradition — more students are predicted to participate next year.

The video will be shown at all three MAR Kickoff events on January 9.

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