How MOE U Helps


Nathan, 1st year student wants to be an aeronautical engineer. He finds MOE University very useful. Nate aims to gain experience in workmanship and designing for the future.

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Rachel, MOE mentor of three years describes her process through MOE University. She begins by assessing the experience level of each student and puts them through the steps: tool 1, introducing them to different tools, signing them off and watching over them while getting more practice. On being one of the only female MOE mentors, she says “We need more, especially in mechanical”.

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Joey, first year student, and he loves MOE University so far. He wants to be a mechanical engineer and he hopes completing seasons in MOE will give him the experience he needs to do so.


Lynn, first year student, also a participant of Lego League, likes to set up in the lab and she gets lots of credit for hands on experience. Her goal is to be a biochemist and she loves to build. The engineering experience will help her in her field.

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Justin, first year, likes MOE University so far. His goal is to become a better person through teamwork experience and he hopes MOE will give him the experience that he will need in the future.

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MOE’s Get to Know You Picnic

MOE Picnic 10-1-17 - pix e 3 MOE Picnic 10-1-17 - pix 2

MOE got to meet each other through fun, games and trivia on Sunday. After Team Bingo, Minute to Win It games and Trivia, families came together for the team potluck.  Thank you families and students for coming out and bringing food, and a special thank you to the volunteers and Boosterz who organized the event!


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MOE at 2017 IRI

Today MOE lasted in the Indiana Regional to quarterfinals with FRC teams 2169 and 67. Congrats to our amazing team members who attended and all the great teams who were invited. GO MOE!

IMG_0767 IMG_0766

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4th of July Parade

This year, as per tradition, MOE made an appearance at the Hockessin 4th of July Parade and wowed the crowds.

Hockessin-7-4-17-parade_JAW-79718e Hockessin-7-4-17-parade_JAW-79721e

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MOE with sponsor JP Morgan

Thank you representatives who deMOEd CaMOElot for one of our amazing sponsors, JP Morgan!


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MOE at the DMNH

MOE had a great time at the Delaware Museum of Natural History! Thank you volunteers!IMG_0511



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MOE with Alliance Make Finalists at MAR Champs!


MOE, alongside 4th seed BERT 4750 and Cyber Crusaders 272, made finalists at the MAR District Championships! It was honor to work with you all. MAR Champs was a great time to see Don Bossi, see friends and be safe (we won the UL hard hat award)! Congratulations MAR teams, you should all be proud. This is the first time since 2001 that MOE has won medals at all 3 events, gives yourselves a hand.

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MOE Westtown 2017 Highlight Video!

Thanks to the MOE Media team, the highlight video for Westtown is now up! Go check out this collage of exciting moments from our first competition of the Steamworks season. GO MOE


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MOE wins with alliance @ Seneca!!

MOE won the Seneca regional with alliance partners 5895 Peddierobotics and 3167 Mechanical Misfits! MOE was second place in qualifiers before alliance selection. We faced off against alliance captain 219 and lost the first final, won the second final and won the tiebreaker! MOE had also received the Innovation in Control Award for our autonomous and tracking, a UL Hard Hat safety award, and had safety captain Arynn Hernandez voted as UL safety Star of the Day. On Wednesday after the win, our amazing Boosterz and Parentz brought a beautiful cake! GO MOE




MOE Alumni came to support us during final matches of Seneca! <3



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New LocoMOEtive and Westtown pages are now up!

LocoMOEtive, our robot for the 2016-2017 season now has it’s own page up on our website! To accompany it, Westtown also has it’s own information and results updated for this year. See LocoMOEtive here!


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