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2017: LocoMOEtive

Meet LocoMOEtive -- our 2017 Miracle Of Engineering

See LocoMOEtive Downloadable Specs, below

View the 2017 Game Animation: FIRST STEAMWORKS

Shoots... Gears-up.... Climbs...


LocoMOEtive's Autonomous Game...

Enlarge video during play using the Full-Screen Button:  full-screen-button

LocoMOEtive was #1 in Autonomous at Westtown, with 752 Auto points.

LocoMOEtive Gear Collection and Deployment...

LocoMOEtive's End-of Match Hanging...

See LocoMOEtive in CAD Action Detail

MOE Match Statistics and Videos

MOE match statistics and some videos of full matches for each event can be found at:

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LocoMOEtive Specifications

Download LocoMOEtive Spec Sheet

LocoMOEtive Is...

LocoMOEtive is a bright green and black robot designed to collect and place gears quickly, hold lots of fuel and score in the high efficiency boiler accurately, and climb quickly onto the airship. MOE has a 6-CIM, 8-wheel drive, a wheeled shooter, fuel agitator, target tracking, climbing mechanism, and many sensors for game-playing efficiency.

LocoMOEtive Features...

  1. Two Speed Drive system; high gear for rapidly traversing the field, low gear for pushing opponents
  2. High accuracy shooter (> 80%), can shoot from multiple locations on the field using auto targeting system
  3. Large fuel capacity: can carry more than 80 balls. Can load 50+ balls directly from hopper.
  4. Can sweep fuel from the floor and load into the robot while moving at full speed.
  5. Climber can lift the robot in <4 sec. Climber camera allows for quickly locating and grabbing the rope.
  6. Collects gears directly from the feeding station, red light sensors and USB camera allow for highly accurate gear placement.
  7. Autonomous routines that include gear placement, hopper dump and shoot, shoot and place gear.

How We Can Enhance Your Strategy...

  1. Multiple autonomous modes including hopper-fuel scoring and multiple gear peg options.
  2. Have a well-trained competition team with many hours of driving practice on our robot.
  3. Experienced and knowledgeable scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info.
  4. Have great experience in qualification & elimination round strategy.

Contact Information...

Team Coordinator:     John Larock -
Team Coach: Robert Dudek -
Team Strategists: Julia Larock -
Alex Beyer -
Vasista Vovveti -