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2011: PandeMOEnium

PandeMOEnium Click Me

PandeMOEnium is a bright green and black robot designed to obtain and hang Logo Pieces and Ubertubes from the feeder station or off the floor with a roller grabber. It can target pegs with IR tracking to improve hang time and can deploy a minibot up the tower in under 2 seconds.



Dean Kamen signed our minibot!
Dean Kamen signed our minibot!


  1. Ability to hang Ubertube in autonomous from multiple starting positions
  2. Ability to hang two Ubertubes in autonomous as demonstrated above
  3. Roller claw on arm can quickly acquire a tube from the floor or feeder station
  4. Maneuverable 2-speed 6-wheel drive chassis powered by 4 CIM on AM shifters
  5. Pneumatic wrist stores tubes within robot perimeter while driving across field
  6. IR sensor-assisted tube hanging on all pegs
  7. Fast arm lift powered by 2 RS-550 on a 144:1 BaneBot P80 using a CIM-U-LATOR


  • Have multiple Ubertube hanging autonomous routines from each robot starting position
  • Have a quick deploy/climb minibot that can add extra minibot race points
  • Have additional minibots which can be easily adapted to your robot for deployment
  • Have a well-trained scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info
  • Have great experience in qualification and elimination round strategy


PandeMOEnium 2