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2001: Li'l MOE


Li'l MOE was designed to play Diabolical Dynamics. This was the last first game in which a match saw only one alliance on the field working together to achieve as high a score as possible rather than two alliances competing directly against one another. In this game, points were scored by filling two tall mobile goals with balls from one's human player, placing large colored balls on top of these mobile goals, having one's robot inside of their home zone at the end of the match, and by balancing one or both of the goals on a teeter-totter in the center of the field.

Li'l MOE was designed to grab both mobile goals at the same time, one at the front and one at the back, and then balance them on the teeter-totter. To balance, Li'l MOE extended a short bar out of either side and then drove quickly up the teeter-totter. The bars would hit vertical bars attached to the teeter-totter, stopping Li'l MOE at the perfect position to balance quickly and efficiently.