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2019: SuperMOEva

Meet SuperMOEva -- our 2019 Miracle Of Engineering


SuperMOEva -- Key Features

  • Fast Cargo intake with ability to deposit Cargo from 6-in away

  • Can collect the Cargo from inside the Depot

  • Hatch Panel gripper with locking pneumatic gripper, no lost Panels

  • Floor pickup of Hatch panels

  • Sandstorm camera for better Autonomous maneuvering & driving on far side of Rocket

  • Multiple sensors (LIDAR , targeting camera, line following camera) to enhance Auto and Driver Control performance

  • Can reach every Hatch Panel and Cargo location on the field

  • Learn More...
    Download the SuperMOEva SpecSheet


SuperMOEva in CAD

View the FIRST 2019 Game Animation:   Destination: Deep Space

MOErio Bagged
SuperMOEva Bagged!