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2018: MOErio

Meet MOErio -- our 2018 Miracle Of Engineering


MOErio -- Features

  • 10 FPS drive speed
  • The three stage Elevator can raise a Cube to 101 inches off the ground, allowing MOErio to place a Cube three high even with the Scale in the highest position.

  • Combination pneumatic and roller Gripper provides the ability to shoot the Cube out or simply drop it for more precise placement.

  • Winch-based climbing system can hook onto the bar in various locations. Four (4) CIM motors on the winch provide plenty of power for raising MOErio in under 5 seconds.

Download the MOErio Specsheet

View the 2018 Game Animation:

Watch MOErio in Action

Enlarge video during play using the Full-Screen Button:  full-screen-button

MOErio's Autonomous Game . . . 

. . . . .  Placing Cube on Far Side of Scale

 . . . .  Placing Cube on Near Side of Scale

. . . . .  Placing Cube on Switch, Grabbing second for Tele-Op

MOErio Placing 6 Cubes on Scale in Tele-Op

MOErio's End-of-Game Climb

MOErio Bagged
MOErio Bagged!