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2012: CoMOEtion

CoMOEtion is a bright green and black robot designed to collect basketballs from the floor or bridge and score them in hoops using our turreted shooter. We have a low CG and wide-body to easily balance on the co-opertition or alliance bridge at the end of the match. Furthermore, we have triple-balance harpoon assist for eleimination round use.



  • 8-wheel, highly maneuverable drive using 4 CIM motors on Supershifters for high speed driving and high torque pushing/climbing
  • Wide-bot chassis & low center of gravity with horizontal and vertical gyros for precision manuevers
  • Robust design with 3 ball holding capability and ability to easily traverse the barrier
  • Two-position height, 270-degree turreted shooter - ability to shoot baskets from multiple chassis orientations and locations in the forecourt. Can apply topspin or backspin depending on the location on the field.
  • Camera aligned shooter for automated alignment during hybrid and tele-operated modes.
  • Multi-purpose extendable ball collector/bridge manipulator capable of clearing balls from corners/under the bridge, lowering & raising bridge, and collecting balls rolling off of the bridge.
  • Multiple autonomous modes for shooting, retrieving balls from both bridges, etc.

How We Can Enhance Your Strategy

  • Have multiple hybrid modes with delays to shoot, lower bridge, collect balls, or combo actions.
  • Have stable wide-body to enable two- or three-bot balancing on the bridge.
  • Have a well-trained scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info
  • Have great experience in qualification & elimination round strategy

Contact Information

Team Coordinator - John Larock -
Team Coach - Robert Dudek -
Team Strategist - Joel Rice

Download CoMOEtion's spec-sheet