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2015: ToMOEhawk

2015 Robot ToMOEhawk

ToMOEhawk Action Specs

  • The first MOEbot using the MOEnarch swerve drive.
  • Autonomous: Grab two containers from the step.

  • Autonomous: Push one or two tote-container sets into the Auto Zone.

  • Autonomous: Move two containers from staging area into the Auto Zone

  • Collect and stack four or five totes at the human player station, and move the stack to a platform.

  • Pick up containers, either standing up or on their sides, and place them on top of tote stacks.

  • Stack and lift Coopertition totes and put the stack on top of a partial stack from the other alliance.

  • Pick up totes at the landfill.

  • Human player can throw litter noodles onto the other side.

Download this ToMOEhawk Specsheet

See ToMOEhawk in action in the videos below!

ToMOEhawk Autonomous -- Pulling Two Containers from the Step

ToMOEhawk -- Creating a Six Tote Stack

ToMOEhawk Autonomous -- Grabbing Two Containers from the Step

ToMOEhawk Autonomous -- Moving Two Containers into the Auto Zone

ToMOEhawk Autonomous -- Pushing Totes and Containers into the Auto Zone

ToMOEhawk Yellow Tote Stacking

Human Player Throwing Litter