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2020: MOEllenium Falcon

Meet MOEllenium Falcon -- our 2020 Miracle Of Engineering

MOEllenium Falcon CONGRATULATIONS, MOEllenium Falcon! With your wonderful team behind you, you won the Hatboro-Horsham District Competition!

MOEllennium Falcon is a highly capable robot designed to shoot fast, far, and grab Power Cells quickly. During Endgame the Falcon can lift itself up and balance on the switch regardless of the switch starting angle.

Learn More...Read below & Download the:
MOEllenium Falcon SpecSheet

View the FIRST 2020 Game Animation:   INFINITE RECHARGE

MOEllenium Falcon Key Features

  1. Highly maneuverable 8 wheel drive powered by 6 NEOs
  2. 21 FPS drive speed
  3. Power Cells are launched from near the top of the bot, impossible to block.
  4. Ability to shoot Power Cells from behind the Trench
  5. Can duck down to pass under the Trench
  6. Double lift system to pulls Falcon onto the Switch and remain in balance.
  7. Control panel manipulator with color Sensor
  8. Limelight camera provides auto targeting from anywhere on the field, even from behind the Trench.
  9. Multiple sensors (LIDAR , targeting camera, line following camera) to enhance Auto and Driver Control performance

How We Can Enhance Your Strategy

  1. Multiple autonomous modes
  2. Ability to score at every possible location
  3. Experienced and knowledgeable scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info
  4. Have great experience in qualification & elimination round strategy.

MOEllenium Falcon CAD Trio

MOEllenium Falcon