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2014: EliMOEnator

EliMOEnator is a bright green and black robot designed to collect balls quickly off the floor and thrown from Human Players. MOE has a 6-CIM, 8-wheel drive for speed and power, a catapult shooter, and many sensors for game-playing efficiency.

2014 Robot EliMOEnator 2014 Robot EliMOEnator
2014 Robot EliMOEnator


  • 8 high traction wheels powered by 2-speed transmissions with 6 CIMs. [14 fps high gear, 6 fps low gear]
  • Fast action catapult ball-shooter with multi-distance capability for high goal and truss shots from multiple locations on the field.
  • Fast, effective ball collector.
  • Ball ejector for easy close range assists and low goal scoring.
  • Two ball autonomous.
  • Camera to detect hot goal in autonomous. Sensors to detect position on the floor (white line and distance to goal).
  • Unfolding arms to aid in a truss catch as well as human player loading.
  • Well protected ball carrying: cannot be knocked out by a bot impact or quick maneuvering.

How we can Enhance your Strategy

  • Multiple autonomous modes with 2-ball option.
  • Fast ball pick-up from floor or throw-in from human player
  • 20-foot range high goal shooting capability.
  • Have a well-trained competition team with many hours of driving practice on our robot.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info.
  • Have great experience in qualification & elimination round strategy.

2014 FIRST FRC Game: Arial Assist

See the Arial Assist Game Description

Contact Information

  • Team Coordinator: John Larock:
  • Team Coach: Robert Dudek:
  • Team Strategist: Brian Zhang:

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