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2006: TerMOEnator

TerMOEnator Robot


TerMOEnator is a bright green robot designed to score points in both the high and low goals, collect balls from the floor and human players, and end up on top of the ramp at the end of the game.


  1. Ability to score balls in the high goal at a rate of 1 per second
  2. Can score in the high goal from the starting box
  3. Can store and carry over 30 balls
  4. Two speed drive powered by 4 CIMs , high speed for fast traversing the field or low speed for pushing power
  5. 6 wheel drive provides great maneuverability with good traction
  6. High speed ball collector grabs ground balls even with robot traveling at top speed
  7. Can deliver balls to the low goal at a high rate, > 5/sec
  8. Camera controlled attitude and pan steering for accurate shooting even when being pushed
  9. Unique non-jamming ball delivery system
  10. Bright green bumpers for added visibility
  11. Ability to climb the ramp forward or backward


  • We have multiple autonomous routines from any robot starting position: to score 3-pointers, deliver all 10 balls into the low goal, and to block opposite alliance robots
  • We have a well-trained scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info
  • Great experience in qualification & elimination round strategy
  • Excellent pit crew that can rebuild our robot or assist your team as necessary
  • Previous Regional Champions (Philly 2005, 2001), National Champs (Florida 2001), Regional Finalists (Pittsburgh 2005, Annapolis 2003), and Championship Galileo Division, Finalists (Atlanta 2004)

Spinning Ball