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2013: ArMOEgeddon

ArMOEgeddon is a bright green and black robot designed to obtain discs from the feeder station or floor. Also, ArMOEgeddon has a very maneuverable drive, a disc pick up arm, and a 10-point climber.

ArMOEgeddon ArMOEgeddon


  • Highly maneuverable and fast mecanum drive using 4 CIM motors.
  • High mounted shooter for lower angle shots into goals from a significant distance.
  • Adjustable angle, speed-controlled shooter provides ability to shoot from multiple locations on the field.
  • Ability to pick up discs from the floor, two at a time, or obtain discs from feeder station.
  • Ability to push multiple discs across the floor and flip discs that are upside down.
  • Two cameras, one aligned with shooter for automated alignment during hybrid and tele-operated modes, and another focused on floor for disc pick-up.
  • 60" tall bot is effective defense against low shooters.
  • Fast 10 pt climb in under 10 seconds

How We Can Enhance Your Strategy

  • Multiple autonomous modes with 5-disc or 4-disc scoring capability.
  • Fast cycle time between feeder station and 4-disc scoring.
  • Feeder and floor pick-up ability.
  • Height to block low-shooting robots.
  • Have a well-trained scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match information.
  • Have great experience in qualification & elimination round strategy.

Contact Information

  • Team Coordinator - John Larock -
  • Team Coach - Robert Dudek -
  • Team Strategist - Brian Zhang -