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2008: DynaMOE

DynaMOE Extended. DynaMOE Folded.

DynaMOE is a robot designed to quickly knock Trackballs off the overpass, make laps in Hybrid and hurdle in the teleoperated period. During the end game session, DynaMOE can hurdle, place, or remove Trackballs from the overpass.

Key Features

  1. Ability to knock Trackballs off overpass by simply driving undereath.
  2. Multiple autonomous / Hybrid modes from all three starting positions.
  3. 6 wheel drive - 2 speed transmission provides great speed/maneuverability with good traction.
  4. Gripper arm can quickly acquire Trackball and store/carry or raise/hurdle.
  5. Can hurdle or place Trackball on overpass quickly and effectively.
  6. DynaMOE has various autonomous routines available.
    • It can knock Trackballs from either of the start positions, with lane changes signaled from robocoach.
    • Two ball knock is possible in certain circumstances.
    • It can complete 4 quadrant laps within 11 sec.

MOE on FIRST Overdrive field

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How We Can Enhance Your Strategy

  • Have multiple autonomous routines from different robot starting positions which can lap Tracks and knock Trackballs.
  • Can hurdle or place Trackball at any time during match.
  • Have a well-trained scouting team to bring you up-to-the-minute match info.
  • Have great experience in qualification and elimination round strategy.

Contact Information:

Team Coordinator - John Larock -
Team Coach - Robert Dudek -