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2016: CaMOElot

2016 Robot CaMOElot

CaMOElot Action Specs

  • CaMOElot was a double winner at its first event MAR-Seneca!

  • AUTONOMOUS:  Multiple sensors to detect high goal and positioning

  • HIGH TOWER GOAL:  Can shoot from batter to corners of OuterWorks.

  • LOW TOWER GOAL:  Score from on batter up to 5-feet away

  • SCALING:  Winch-powered device can lift bot to scoring position in 6 seconds

  • Download the CaMOElot Specsheet to save or print

CaMOElot's Autonomous Crosses Defenses and Shoots Boulders High into Towers

CaMOElot Loves to Scale Towers!

CaMOElot: Scoop-up...Shoot...Scoop-up...Shoot...Scoop-up...Shoot!