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Getting all your team's ideas out on the table to determine how you will play the game is more important than building something at this stage. Determine what type of process you will use to get the team to agree upon a strategy to play the game, which will lead into what functions your robot needs to have to implement the strategy.

  • TIP - Getting consensus on a strategy may be one of the toughest tasks you have in the first week of robot build. Try to determine a method you believe will be effective with your team. It is important to understand how much participation your students and adults will have in the process. Whatever you do, select a process and stick with it. Credibility is important.
  • TIP - MOE 365 has used a modified collaborative brainstorming/decision making process for most of our FIRST experience. It has been effective for the size of our team. The following document describes the process.
  • RESOURCE DOWNLOAD - MOE 365 Brainstorming Process (WORD document 23KB)