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How To Create a

Personal Recognition Award Process

Personal Recognition Award To help promote gracious professionalism throughout first, MOE would love to see other teams pick up the idea of a Personal Recognition Award (PRA) program and run with it at other Regional Events.

The whole idea was a MOE pilot with first's blessing a few years ago. The concept is fairly simple and gives any group willing to make some buttons, collect responses, and post them, the ability to get this rolling at their regionals.
Are there teams out there to take up the challenge to spread this across more regional events, to hopefully have this process play out at every first regional?

Here's what needs to be done...
  1. Contact a representative of the regional planning committee for the regional you are attending.
  2. Provide them the link to this Web page and ask if the committee would be willing to support a PRA program.
  3. Come up with a button design representing the regional (this is the fun and creative part). It could be any visual associated with the regional. Our button designs have the following information...
              Regional Name
              "Personal Recognition Award"
  4. Find someone with a button maker who could make five buttons per team attending the regional.
  5. Make "goodie bags" of the buttons themselves, directions, and recognition forms.
  6. Send these bags to the regional planning team representative with enough time for them to include them in the registration envelopes of each team.
  7. See if the regional planning team representative would also send out an e-mail to the attending teams so that they know what to expect.
  8. Post the information on Chief Delphi so that team members know what to expect.
  9. Get a shoebox-sized container to collect the recognition forms, and place it in the Pit Admin area with a sign indicating that it is a Personal Recognition Award form collection box.
  10. Have Pit Admin announce this a few times a day, to remind teams to participate.
  11. Collect the forms at the end of the regional and have them posted on the official regional website and yourteam's websites.
  12. Enjoy seeing all the Gracious Professionalism that goes on at a typical first regional!
To see how this all fits together, check out MOE's 2008 PRA page. You can also modify for your purposes the team information sheet that MOE gave to teams at at the 2008 Finger Lakes Regional in Rochester, NY.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact our Team Leader John Larock, via e-mail, or by phone at 302-545-3540.