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Miracle Workerz Day March 6, 2005, aka 3-6-5

Governor Ruth Ann Minner and the State Legislature declared March 6, 2005 to be Miracle Workerz Day in the State of Delaware. State Senator Dave Sokola read this proclamation when we had a parents' open house at a recent MOE meeting. Among the recognized contributions was the Miracle Workerz' mission includes "inspiring and motivating young people to pursue careers in science and technology while becoming confident, self-reliant, responsible citizens poised to make a real difference in our world." The full text of the proclamation can be read by zooming in on the high-resolution version linked from the small photo shown here.

Certificate declaring 3-6-05 Miracle Workerz Day Rep. Sokola reading Proclamation
Rep. Sokola, John Larock, Bill Enslen Resolution signed by State Legislators