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Welcome to the 10th annual Duel on the Delaware! The Robobees get into team spirit. National Woodie Flowers Award winner, John Larock, peeps his head through his Mobius Strip trophy. Vulcan Robotics wins the annual bookdrive! Team 316's mascot looks as good as their robot!
Team 87 gets ready to hang. Looks like Team 375 got hit with the sleeping plague... Team 316's robot has an Ubertube stuck on its arm! OH NOES! Co-hosts 316 made these beautiful, one-of-a-kind trophies. Jenna and Megan, two of our comp team members, reward PandaMOEnium after its win.
Comp teams of the winning alliance. Miss Daisy's driver, Sean, sticks out his tongue in concentration while driving the robot. MOE's comp team, Jenna, Jeremy, Steve, Megan, and Juliana, pose for a picture with the trophy. LOOK AT THAT DOUBLE HANG! The Duel also hosted the first FTC scrimmage of the season.
Thanks to Salem Community College for letting us hold the event in their field house. Boeing representative, Pat Dolan, speaks in the Opening Ceremony. Jocelyn Scott speaks to the teams. Lunatecs took their shark theme to the next level. Now can you tell us who doesn't belong in this picture?
MOE's FTC team gives the new game a shot. Pit crew: Chris, Clare, Steve, Juliana, Ryan Chris works on the minibot. Grabbing tubes like a boss! Deflating tubes like a boss!

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