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MOE Boosterz - 2017

Tim Chopko
Cindy Dolan
Craig Gross
JoAnne Gross
Jeff Lucas
Carol Perrotto
Lisa Tabibian

Other Boosterz:

Linda Burress

Our Boosters...

Boosterz working


  • Organize dinners for regular Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening meetings and snacks for Sunday meetings
  • Coordinate through local businesses at discounted prices
  • Organize food donations through local businesses
  • Coordinate parents who supply meals, and reimburse them
  • Coordinate team members who supply some meal components
  • Purchase all sodas, snack foods, utensils, plates, and napkins


  • Organize fundraising activities
  • Organize student and adult participation
  • Maintain and provide list of local businesses that have supported us in the past
  • Brainstorm sessions on who may be good sponsors
  • Make videos to tell our team's story to local potential sponsors
  • Write team sponsor letter to solicit sponsorships
Boosterz built the ramp!

Hoop and Ramp Build

  • Purchase supplies to build the hoops and ramp
  • Build hoops and ramp
  • Build and paint robot shipping crate
  • Handle paperwork for shipping robot to competitions

Jeff Lucas working on the field

Spirit and Recognition Activities

  • Order supplies to make Team pins
  • Order earplugs and safety glasses
  • Order t-shirts, bandannas, hats, and other spirit items
  • Help students to make team mascot by ordering supplies/helping to make
  • Help students create awards to recognize other teams


  • Organize travel and hotel arrangements for regional and national competitions
  • Collect travel payments


  • Collect all money for food/travel and deposits in bank
  • Reimburse people who are purchasing equipment, tools, food for team


  • Create and maintain Team lists for tracking by computer
  • Track attendance, payments for food, travel payments, etc.
  • Print, distribute and collect all permission slips
Boosterz with Crate