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first Chairman's Award Video 2008

The first 2008 Chairman's Award video dramatically highlights Team 365's spirit and many activities that give MOE its distinctive character. It celebrates the Miracle Workerz as the team that won the prestigious 2007 Chairman's Award.

Unveiled at the first Robotics Championships in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2008, the video was created by Paul Lazarus and his crew, with the year-long efforts of the MOE Chairman's Video Team student camera crew: Ilana, Jordan, Ian and Eric. Other MOE Team members who worked on the video include student Mike, and mentors John Larock, Bill Moore and Jeff Lucas.

Paul Lazarus is a well-known director, producer and writer for television, film, and theater (Lazarus Web site). The MOE Team is deeply appreciative of the great personal effort Mr. Lazarus put into this excellent video.

High-Resolution Video Download

Experience the full effects of Paul Lazarus' masterpiece! Download and save a high-resolution version of this amazing work and play it directly from your device:
     Download Chairman's Award video (.mov file 33 MB)
     Download Chairman's Award video (.mp4 file 26 MB)

Chairman's Award Video Team

The Chairman's Award Video Team (left-hand four) enjoyed dinner with Paul Lazarus (lower right) after the Philadelphia Regional