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Westtown 2017

Westtown playing field

MOE At Westtown...

Finalist Award

Gracious Professionalism Award
Gracious Professionalism Award

Outstanding Sportsmanship Award     

MOE was honored to receive Team 272's
Outstanding Sportsmanship Award

MOEwards... Awards Given by MOE

MOEwards Given

Miracles of Engineering
     834 SparTechs

Best Pilot
     433 Firebirds

Most Steampunk
     272 Cyber Crusaders

Best Pit
     1989 Viking Robotics

Exciting VLOG of MOE at Westtown!

Enlarge video during play using the Full-Screen Button:  full-screen-button

LocoMOEtive's Autonomous Game

LocoMOEtive was #1 in Autonomous at Westtown, with 752 Auto points.

LocoMOEtive Gear Collection and Deployment

LocoMOEtive's End-of Match Hanging

See more about LocoMOEtive on LocoMOEtive's Page

Westtown pits and playing field