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MOE Student Named FIRST Deans List Semi-finalist

Congratulations to Josh G., named a FIRST Mid-Atlantic Regional (MAR) District Deans List Semifinalist!

Here’s more about Josh from his Dean’s list nomination:

[Josh] has proven to be a strong leader in many areas on the team, as a member of student
council, as a veteran member of the mechanical subteam, and as a leader on the MOEbile Pit team. When asked to take on a new task, such as leading a subteam to build a specific part, he eagerly steps up to the challenge. He’ll learn what he needs to know and then effectively teach others. The mentors can give him an engineering drawing and trust that he will fabricate it orrectly with no other direction. Other students on the team are always asking him for help and guidance. He motivates them to complete their tasks by creating a sense of spirit and excitement. New students have said that he goes out of his way to make it comfortable for them.

His creativity in the lab is boundless. He designs specific parts for the robot, and amazes the mentors with his ideas on new and better, and most cost effective, ways to complete

Josh began his involvement with FIRST in 3rd grade with JrFLL and has continued since them with FLL and FTC. On his FTC team he was a driver at the World Championships twice! There he learned the ideals of teamwork and gracious professionalism which he extended to other areas of life. He is a Boy Scout Life Scout and Senior Patrol Leader, and was twice recognized as a Carson Scholarship Recipient. His leadership is also shown by the fact that he is a two time Odyssey of the Mind State champion and a Section Leader in his high school’s marching band. All this while maintaining a high GPS (4.12)

Josh, along with MOE’s other team nominee, Arynn Hernandez, was interviewed during the Montgomery event last weekend. He is was one of four students selected at Montgomery:

Kaitlyn Boyd from TEAM # 4575
Joshua Gross from TEAM # 365
Maria Mathew from TEAM # 316
Gargi Sadalgekar from TEAM # 1089

Good luck to all the MAR semi-finalists! This weekend at the FIRST Mid-Atlantic District Championship at Lehigh University, Finalists will be chosen to move forward. Ten Dean’s List winners from all over the world will be named at the World Championship in St. Louis.

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