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*** MOE Competition Details are now Live at Competitions ***

The MOE Phone Hotline has been REPLACED by TeamSnap Text Messages!
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Recent News


It's Here!  ... MOE-NOW... brings you the latest breaking news about MOE!

Check out our latest news and the great other stories of this season on our new blog at MOE-NOW.

Meet the Miracle Workerz

MOE 365, the Miracle Workerz, is a first FRC robotics team based in Wilmington, Delaware. Each year the team spends six weeks designing, building, and competing with a robot that the team creates from scratch. The robot is different every year, depending on the demands of the game that is designed by first . Find out more.

Chairman's Logo

The Chairman's Award is the most prestigious award in first and we are honored to have received it at Nationals in 2007. The Chairman's Award recognizes teams that demonstrate the greatest commitment to spreading awareness of science and technology to their communities and schools and act as a role model to other teams. View more information about our journey here.